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The Disability Award


I have been nominated for this award by the lovely Georgina from Chronicles.Com , Thank you so much for nominating me Georgina! This is a lovely Gesture ❤️ Go check out Gerogina’s Site at : https://www.chronillicles.com/disability-blogger-award/ to read her blogs 💕

Nominee questions from Georgina:

  1. Why did you decide to start blogging and why did you decide on your niche? I First started blogging because i was diagnosed with both chronic illness and mental illness, I knew there wasn’t much awareness on both subjects and I had no one to turn to when I got sick so I wanted to make a place people can come and educate both themselves & family and friends if they are chronically or mentally ill.

2.) What are your top 5 tips on coping with your illness/disability? Always do things early, preparing beforehand is vital, e.g if your going on holiday or even simple things like wrapping a birthday present, just always prepare beforehand so if your having a flare day you can just rest. Take help if it is there, Don’t feel ashamed because you need help! If you need help ask for it. ❤️ Always have heating pads and painkillers at the ready. These are my lifesavers. Comfy clothing is a must have especially if you suffer with chronic pain & last of all eposalm salts really help with joint pain. Hope these tips helped anyone going through this 🙏

3.) Where would your dream holiday be and why? Norway & Finland. I have always wanted to travel to helsiki in finland and Oslo in norway. I think they are such beautiful countries and I just want to soak up the scenery one day and take loads of photos and indulge

4.) Are you an early bird or night owl (or neither)? I’m definetly a night owl. I can’t keep my eyes open during the day because of fatigue, but once night time arrives im alive again 😂

5.) What is your go-to comfort food? Peperami’s. They always make me feel better ☺️

6.) What is your favourite movie or TV series? This is easy. My favourite tv series is hannibal. It’s just so amazing.

7.) Which is your favourite social media site/app and why? Twitter. I love twitter because i get to meet other people going through the same experiences and i get to help them and educate abled people and i also love the app tiktok too ❤️

Questions for My Nomanies:

1.) What do you wish people knew about Chronic Illness?

2.) How do your illnesses affect your life

3.) If you could tell the medical community one thing about your illnesses, what would you tell them?

4.) The hardest part about mornings are: 

5.) A gadget I couldn’t live without is

6.) If I could have one day of feeling normal again I would

7.) My favorite quote that gets me through tough times is: 









thank you for reading ❤️

see you soon, all my love CJ xx